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Common hand conditions

The hand is one of the most complicated parts of the human body and as a result there are many things that can go wrong leading to pain or a loss of function. For more information on the most common conditions click below.


Dupuytren's disease is a condition that affects the tissues in the palm of the hand and causes progressive contractures of the fingers. 


Ganglions are a benign, sometimes painful lump that can appear around joints and tendons of the hand and wrist. 


Injuries unfortunately happen to all of us some time!  The hand and wrist particularly prone to injury as we use them to interact with our environment on a daily basis to perform complex and high impact tasks


Devon Hand Surgery aims to give you an early diagnosis, rapid treatment (which can often be non-surgical) and perform any necessary surgery when required. We will also supervise your rehabilitation to ensure you have the best chance of restoring function, getting back to work and improving your quality of life.

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