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Patient Testimonial PIPJ replacements 

Below is the unedited testimonial of one of our patients who underwent Silastic PIPJ replacements to left ring and middle fingers and then the right ring and middle fingers 5 months later due to debilitating arthritis. All of the photos are postoperative views  and demonstrated the potential outcome of this type of surgery.


This patient kindly consented to share her story to help patients like you.

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My Story

In April of 2022, I had left middle and ring finger PIP joint replacements, that’s the joint above the knuckle.  I was having tremendous pain in these two joints and it was making life very difficult indeed.  At that time I had 4 dogs and 2 horses to look after, my own business to run as self employed and of course my house.  I could see no option but to have this surgery as it just couldn’t be any worse.














After consulting with Mr Stone who gave me all the facts and put me very much at ease, I decided to continue and had the surgery on 7th April.  I opted to go for a general anaesthetic as I just didn’t feel I wanted to be awake.  The day of the surgery arrived and obviously I was a little concerned with so much to do at home but all went well.  I woke to my hand being fairly heavily bandaged with an appointment to have stitches out approx. 2 weeks later.  It was quite painful for the first 48 hours but with pain relief, it was more than manageable. I really didn’t need much more than an occasional paracetamol after that 48 hours.   It then seemed to settle really quickly and I could do quite a lot myself within 2 weeks.  Stitches came out at approx. 14 days and then the work started!  Almost hourly exercises to keep the joints moving without overdoing it.  I found my body told me when I had done too much and then it was rest with hand raised , but all in all everyday things became easier and I was managing to touch type just after the stitches came out which was a real result.  I kept myself busy using my hand but being sensible about the things I knew I wouldn’t be able to do and day by day it just got better. 


I couldn’t bend my fingers well before the operation and I must say that I still can’t make a fist but there is no pain.  The movement is no worse than before but without the searing pain that comes with arthritis.  At 5 months post-surgery, the scars were virtually invisible, the pain was completely gone and my life was just about back to normal.  Perhaps my fingers are not as strong as a normal hand but with the arthritis in the joints they were not of very much use to me anyway.  The operation was so successful that I was ready to have the same two joints done on my other hand in early September.  The healing process is just about the same.







Keeping the joints moving and not being afraid to use my hand I feel was the key to the success of the surgery.  I could even get my wedding ring back on approximately 10 weeks post-surgery.  I now have no swelling and fingers look normal.  If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know that the surgery had been performed.


I wouldn’t hesitate but recommend Mr Stone who did such wonderful work on such small joints.

Post operative view of the patient extending the fingers, one can just make out the scars on the middle and ring fingers

Post operative view of the patient bending in the fingers, 

Post operative view of the patient making a fist

Close up postoperative view of the right hand 3 months post surgery

Close up postoperative view of the left hand 8 months post surgery


Example of a silastic joint replacement that was used in this case.


Devon Hand Surgery aims to give you an early diagnosis, rapid treatment (which can often be non-surgical) and perform any necessary surgery when required. We will also supervise your rehabilitation to ensure you have the best chance of restoring function, getting back to work and improving your quality of life.

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