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 Devon Hand Surgery


Devon Hand Surgery is here to help you with any condition that may affect the use and function of your hands or wrists.

The hand is one of the most important sensory parts of the body allowing us to interact with our environment. They are also an important factor in social interaction when we gesture and make contact with other people.


The anatomy and function of the hand and wrist are unique, intricate and extremely complex.


Pain or loss of function can lead to significant disability. It can cause sleep disturbance, reduce one's ability to work or participate in recreational activities and affect independent living.


If you have concerns related to your hands or wrists, Devon Hand Surgery can help. We will aim to give you an early diagnosis, rapid treatment (which can often be non-surgical) and perform any necessary surgery when required. We will also supervise your rehabilitation to ensure you have the best chance of restoring function, getting back to work and improving your quality of life.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care.

Mr Oliver Stone

Mr Oliver Stone is a consultant hand surgeon and clinical lead for Orthopaedic hand surgery at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital.

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